WISHBONE System-on-Chip (SoC) Interconnection Architecture for Portable IP Cores


This specification is maintained by the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation. Questions, comments and suggestions about this document are welcome and should be directed to the FOSSi Foundation Specification Committee (specs@fossi-foundation.org, https://www.fossi-foundation.org). Steward for this specification is Richard Herveille (rherveille@opencores.org).

FOSSi Foundation maintains this document to provide an open, freely useable interconnect architecture for IP-cores hosted on OpenCores.org, LibreCores.org and others’ IP Cores.

These specifications are intended to guarantee compatibility between compliant IP-cores and to improve cooperation among different users and suppliers.

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The name ‘WISHBONE’ and the ‘WISHBONE COMPATIBLE’ rubber stamp logo are hereby placed into the public domain (within the scope of System-on-Chip design, System-on-Chip fabrication and related areas of commercial use). The WISHBONE logo may be freely used under the compatibility conditions stated elsewhere in this document.

This specification may be used for the design and production of System-on-Chip (SoC) components without royalties or other financial obligations to FOSSi Foundation, OpenCores or any other party.

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This is a preliminary document, and is subject to change.

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Like any great technical project, the WISHBONE specification could not have been completed without the help of many people. The Steward wishes to thank the following for their ideas, suggestions and contributions:

  • Ray Alderman
  • Yair Amitay
  • Danny Cohan
  • Marc Delvaux
  • Miha Dolenc
  • Volker Hetzer
  • Magnus Homann
  • Brian Hurt
  • Linus Kirk
  • Damjan Lampret
  • Wade D. Peterson [1]
  • Barry Rice
  • John Rynearson
  • Avi Shamli
  • Rudolf Usselmann
[1]Wade D. Peterson from Silicore Corporation is the original author and steward. Without his dedication this specification would have never been where it is now.

Revision History

This specification is managed at the following repository: https://github.com/fossi-foundation/wishbone